Kidsme Suction Bowl with Ideal Temperature Spoon - Lavender

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No more slides or spills, the Kidsme Suction Bowl is designed to stay put during mealtimes. The Suction Bowls secure lid features a locked-in Ideal Temperture Spoon


The Ideal Temperature Spoon has a colour indicator making it easy to tell when food is at a safe temperature. The lid of the Suction Bowl is secure, so its perfect for use on-the-go


The Suction Bowl is designed to stay put and is great for when you and your baby are out and about for safe and enjoyable mealtimes.

Warnings or Restrictions

Always use this product with adult supervision. Before each use, inspect the product. Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness. Do not mircowave this product. Extensive boiling may damage this product. Do not allow your children to crawl, walk, or run with the product in hand or in mouth. Always check food temperature before feeding

Product Uses

Firstly ensure the suction base and table are clean before use, the gently press to suction the bowl onto the table. To remove the bowl from the able, lift the quick release tab. Please note the suction is more secure on non-porous and dry surfaces.

Tips & Advice

The coloured tip of the Ideal Temperature Spoon will turn pale if the food temperature is over 40 C